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Improving sales effectiveness is not just a sales function issue; it’s a company issue, as it requires deep collaboration between sales and marketing to understand what’s working and not working, and continuous improvement of the knowledge, messages, skills, and strategies that salespeople apply as they work sales opportunities. The changing market environment and intensified competition have led to more demanding customers and pressure on prices causing a sharp slowdown in income growth and lower profit margins

Longer sales cycles, moredemanding

and the difficulties in making sales necessitate a competent sales force.

We work within your defined salesforce effectiveness frameworks to embed flawless sales and market execution into your sales team’s ways of working for sustainable delivery of your commercial objectives.

Salesforce effectiveness (SFE) is driven by the decisions, processes, systems, and programs that sales leaders are accountable for. By managing SFE drivers well, sales leaders can build high-quality sales forces that better meet customer needs and that can significantly increase company revenue and profit